2013 was a failure for me, as far as accomplishment goes and the way I felt about myself. That year I had read an article that said making New year’s resolution was a bad idea.  I thought it was interesting so I tried it.

Total failure.

Most people don’t realize how goal setting helps you LIVE. Without anything to work for, you just passively let one year blend into another. I’ve realized that although I don’t always keep my goals it is still important that I make them. I believe making goals at the beginning of the year helps you start the year with the important thought that “I will move closer to becoming the best me.” New year’s eve is a great time to make changes because you CAN reflect on all of last year and decide how you could make this year even better than last year was.

My problem is that I try to do everything all at once. I get overwhelmed. That is why many of my goals fail. I just had to find a way to make them work. Some of you might have the same issue. I started to apply the acronym SMART:







Divide and conquer:

1. I divided my goals into four categories: personal, relationships, career, and spiritual.  You are welcome to make any categories you like. In each one I put a few things I wanted to focus on this year. Again, try not to overwhelm yourself. Focus on a few things at a time. You could decide to work on one specific thing and apply it to all the categories. For instance, you could work on time management. Here is an example on how you could divide it between different categories.

Personal: Not leave dishes in the sink (I am actually anal about this). Make sure when preparing meals to factor clean up time into it.

Relationships: Be on time when meeting friends and family for lunch.

Career: Write blog post a week before posting them on website.

Spiritual: Wake up an hour earlier to have some quiet time with myself and to pray or meditate.

2. Set mini goals each day/week to get you where you want to be (even if it’s in a position to buy a specific item). If your goal is to wake up an hour earlier, then start by waking up ten or fifteen minutes earlier than your normal time. Know what goal you want to accomplish that year and work backwards from there. What do you need to do each month to achieve that goal? What do you need to do each week to achieve the goal for the month? And what do you need to do each day to achieve your weekly goals.

I have mentioned many times in this blog that taking baby steps are extremely helpful in helping you achieve whatever it is that you want. Mount Everest, the earth’s tallest mountain, has been climbed by over 2,000 climbers. They did it one day at a time. Take your goals one mini step at a time.

One of my goals is to increase my income from freelancing this year by a certain percentage. To be honest with you, I am scared. I keep having doubts that I constantly have to work to put away. But I am also excited. I get to reach new levels and build myself and business in new ways. It is not easy to challenge yourself and reach beyond your norm. But it is possible. If you have set your goal the SMART way, there is no way you cannot succeed unless you give up. There should be some excitement mixed in with any fear you might have.



Remember that being successful at your goal is not just reaching it; it’s also about what you do to get there. Don’t beat yourself up if you had an especially hard time at working towards or keeping your goal for that day or that week. It’s part of the process. The important thing is getting back on top and facing the challenges head on.  It is not how often you fall that matters but how often you get back up. Knowing you can decide to do something and then do it, is incredibly empowering. Be empowered.

Tweet: It is not how often you fall that matters but how often you get back up. http://ctt.ec/cYeCB+ @laureenoliphant It is not how often you fall that matters but how often you get back up.



Pick one thing you accomplished last year. If you can’t think of anything, then ask someone close to you. I know they’ll be able to tell you plenty of things you’ve accomplished. Then choose one goal for your life and/or business that you would like to work for this year. And then answer these questions in a comment below:

What did you accomplish last year? How did you do it? What is your goal for this year? How long do you want it to take you to achieve it? What daily thing will you do to step towards achieving it? Weekly? Monthly? What do you think will be your obstacle? How do you plan on rising above this obstacle?


How to participate:

  • Comment below on the task or goal you accomplished last year, also on one goal you have for this year. Then come back to this post and comment on how you are doing with it. What’s working and what’s not.
  • If you blog, blog about this challenge and link it to this post.
  • Use the hashtag (#2clarify2015) when you are commenting on twitter, or posting a picture on Instagram about it.
  • Write it down and hang it up somewhere where you can see it everyday. Mine is hanging on my bathroom mirror. It’s easy to forget what you are working towards when you are having a hard day. Then a day will lead into a week,then into a month and soon the year will be over and this goal would have been forgotten.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”  –Walt Disney


2 Comments on 2 Clarify 2015 Challenge

  1. Darian
    January 29, 2015 at 1:12 PM (4 years ago)

    Last year, I lost nearly 30 pounds. This year, I want to do practice a martial arts technique 1000 times every 14 days.

    • Laureen
      January 31, 2015 at 4:52 AM (4 years ago)

      Congrats on what you accomplished last year! I know this year will lead you even closer to your idea of success.


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