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Month: May 2015

Exciting Changes!


I have great news! When I first started 2 clarify six months ago, I wanted to really help others and to grow as an entrepreneur. Different life experiences since last year has made me reevaluate the topics I wanted to cover and how I could push myself to grow as well as my audience. After looking at my business goals, my interests, and feedback I have received from you wonderful audience, I have decided to…drum roll… rebrand. This rebranding will involve not only some appearance changes on the website but a few changes on exactly what I talk about. Now, I will still talk about some of the things I have covered since…

I have decided to focus on entrepreneurial mothers.

In order to have a chance to make these changes, 2 clarify will go on a brief hiatus. The new website should be up and running by beginning of June. I am so grateful that I have had all of your support and feedback. This change will allow me to really focus on some subjects that I have been dying to address. I would love for you to continue checking out this blog. See you in June!


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Flying Fish

A couple of weeks ago I lost the key to my mailbox. I have been searching for it everywhere. But it remains missing. That means whenever I hear or see the post office employee, book it to my mailbox so I can get the mail. In a way, it has been nice because I have gotten to know her a lot better. As I have spoken to her, I have come to know how much she dislikes her job. (more…)