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Month: August 2015

First Interview: The Secret to Getting Client Referrals.


You can find the first 2 Clarify Mompreneur Interview here!

Marcela Macias is an exceptional photographer whose work can be seen above and on her website.

After the interview, I would love to hear what you go out of what Marcela said and to challenge you to write one thing you can do today to change your perspective from profit focus to client focus.

Interviews will be posted one to two times a month. Sign up for my weekly e-mails so you’ll be the first to know when they are released.

How Negative Feedback is Good for Your Business.


Like me, you might be a sensitive entrepreneur. You might get a little sensitive about criticism. It’s something that I’ve been working on for years. And I can honestly say I’ve gotten much, much better at it. As an entrepreneur, I’ve realized that good feedback will only help your business for a time before it loses its value. Since I’ve acted on my entrepreneurial spirit, I have found two reasons why having negative feedback is good for your business. (more…)

Why You Should Use Periscope to Grow Your Business.


I love Periscope! Periscope is a video sharing app made by Twitter (March 2015) that allows you to live broadcasts to your Twitter followers and anyone else who wants to join. What this means is that people are watching you and interacting with you live. I’ve loved making videos on it as well as interacting with some of my favorite brands. There are three advantages to using Periscope.