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I’ve been working hard on finishing my new course, “Moms on the Move.” It’s an online course that will help mothers start their own business within a month. In one month (or less), you could start your own business! This course is specifically for moms who want to transition from working for someone else to working full-time for themselves. This is a business 101 course.

As you all know, I’m very passionate about moms in business. I feel that most moms would benefit from being THEIR OWN BOSS. As moms, we do not have the time, energy, and money to spend on growing someone else’s business when we could be growing our own.

The course will be a three-month course with weekly phone calls with me (I’m a freelancer who also owns a marketing agency). But I will be testing “Moms on the Move” for two months.

You will learn:

  • What you need to do to start the RIGHT BUSINESS FOR YOU
  • How to find your clients
  • How to set up your website/blog/landing page
  • Marketing
  • Self-care
  • Keeping a business and life balance (which other business courses do not discuss. They are built with moms in mind)
  • And more.

This course will not only help you start a business but will also help you GROW A BUSINESS.


The course is NOT FOR YOU if you are not optimistic, kind-hearted, family oriented, not willing to accomplish your dreams, are not honest, close-minded (instead of thinking “I already know this,” thinking, “what’s something new I can learn from this), and are unwilling to promote positivity in the world. I want to work with women who desire to make a DIFFERENCE.

I’m excited to bring “Moms on the Move” to life. But before I put it out to the general public, I would love to test it out on some beta testers. Are you interested in becoming your own boss? I’m currently accepting applications into the beta group. If accepted into the group, you’ll be part of a mastermind and receive FREE training.

When I release the course, it could cost as much as $1200 but the betas is 100% FREE.

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