Sometimes we focus on all the trials and negative things happening in our lives.  For instance with today being Valentines day, there are those who cannot look beyond the fact that they don’t have that special someone to celebrate this holiday of love. It can be the most depressing time of the year for many people. Negativity just leads to more negativity. Then our attitudes are crappy and we have a hard time achieving success, happiness, as well as finding love. But whenever I start feeling this way I step back and realize that I am a very lucky woman. There a few things I like to do in order to change my attitude. I contribute my success in life and love to these steps. When I was single, I loved it. I feel that it is because I did that I currently am beyond happy with my spouse. It was all a matter of attitude. Here are three of the simple steps that I take that I would like to share with you to help you step back and appreciate life.

1. Spend at least 5 minutes during the day contemplating all the great things you have in your life. This could include something as everyday (at least in certain regions) as being able to take a hot shower (I love me some hot, long showers). What do you love about life, yourself, your circumstances, the many different types of relationships that you currently have in your life? Valentines day, for me, has always been about more than just romantic love.

2. Once a week or once a month, depending on your availability, perform an act of kindness. I read a blog post a while back about a lady who would leave a small gift (besides tip) on her table for the waiter who served her. Can you imagine how touched that waiter probably was? Perhaps that gift changed the course of his whole day.

3. Go out to lunch with family or friends and make a conscious effort to listen more than you speak. It’s easy to forget your problems when you’re focus on someone else. Then you spend time just enjoying someone’s company and laughing. By the time you’re done with lunch, your heart will be lifted and it will be easy to see the good that you have in your life. Plan an event today with your friends and or family members. Do something to show them you love and care about them. You will feel loved and cared about in return.

Although these actions are simple to perform, don’t underestimate their powerful impact. And impact is what you need to change an attitude of negativity or ingratitude to one of positivity, hope, gratitude, confidence, love, and joy. Any success you have or hope to gain in life and in business will be based on your attitude. It will help you to live free and fulfilled.


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