Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by influential and powerful mompreneurs that have been a great example and have enriched my life. Here is a short list of some of the ways I or my family has benefited.


1 Mompreneurs are a powerful example to their daughters

Growing up, my mom only worked when money was tight. I came from a traditional family where my Dad worked, and my Mom stayed home with the kids. That is, until a few years ago when my mom decided to become a real estate agent. I never really thought about it until I had a very memorable conversation with one of my sisters. “When Mom got her real estate license it helped me feel okay, for the first time, about wanting to have a career.” I had never known my sister felt guilty over wanting to have a professional career. But the powerful example of our mother lifted a weight from her shoulders.


2 It Gives Spouses Another Way to Express and Deepen Their Love

Not every mompreneur has a spouse. But as the husband of a mompreneur, I can say my wife’s business regularly gives me a way to show my love by helping out with projects whenever I can. There is always something more to be done, and since we work on so much together, our relationship has grown.


3 It Can Expand Relationships With Extended Family

Because my wife and I work a lot as we are growing our businesses, one of my sisters lives with us to help with babysitting. Our son has spent more time with her than all of his other aunts and uncles. He makes daily memories with her that would not have happened otherwise. Having her there has also strengthen our relationship with her.


4 Mompreneurs Provide Examples for Others to Grow

I am sure most of you know that being an entrepreneur forces you to develop skills that you never thought you would need. This is also true for others involved. To help with a project for my wife, I learned how to produce videos. It turns out that I highly enjoy video marketing and that this skill is in high demand. I am currently working on several video production projects for a handful of clients. This new career would never have happened if not for my wife’s entrepreneurial ambitions.


5 Mompreneurs can Make or Build on Lasting Legacies

My Wife’s Grandfather was a very successful entrepreneur. Laureen’s memories of him are of generosity and moments of teaching. She is always telling me stories of his kindness to her and his other grandchildren. He was generous with his money and with his knowledge, especially to his grandchildren. He was never too busy for his family.

One of the lessons he taught his grandchildren was the value of a dollar. He thought them how it could be used not only to enrich their lives but the lives of others. This was in Haiti, one of the poorest places in the world. Despite the setting, he was able to teach kindness and an attitude of abundance. I have seen those qualities in the way my wife treats not only our son but with all children. Her decision, to be an entrepreneur will hopefully continue that legacy beyond our lives in our children.


darianDarian Oliphant has always had entrepreneurial ambitions and the ability to see beauty that most others miss. He has used his technical and artistic talents in food service, education, finance, mathematics, on stage, computer science, and currently behind cameras. You can learn more about video marketing at