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Have you ever wished you could pick the brains of successful mompreneurs that have walked the road you are or want to be on?

I sure have.

That’s how the idea for my upcoming book, 6 Figure Mama, was born.

Here is a short excerpt…

I looked down at my newborn son as my heart clenched with pain. I was not ready to leave him. I wanted more time with him. But my maternity leave was over. I know that women have been having babies for years and leaving them with sitters to go to work. But I was not ready.

I spoke to a couple of friends and family members about my feelings and received the same answer from all of them:

“You’ll get used to it,” they said, “everyone has to go through this.”

Some people even pointed out the fact that I was lucky to have had three months of maternity leave at all. They said that I had received plenty of bonding time with my baby, and it was more important that I have the financial security to provide for his needs.

But I knew deep down there had to be a better way that did not include me choosing between work and motherhood.

Two years before having my baby, I had started to dabble in business. I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit, but since college, I sought a great job that would lead to financial success. I always knew I wanted to lead a life of financial abundance. I never wanted to worry about paying my bills. Nor did I want to be deprived of traveling, eating out with family and friends, sending my kids to private school, and helping family members with their finances.

I had worked hard in my chosen field to make sure that money would never be an issue in my life…but secretly I wasn’t fully fulfilled.

I started a side business but because I believed real security was in working for a big company, I never gave it the time and attention it deserved.

My perspective completely changed after giving birth to my son.

I realized that while I had a level of financial security, I had absolutely no control over my income potential, schedule, location, or family time. I began to understand that I had been frustrated for YEARS with how little time I got to spend with my family members. And I was disappointed with the top of the pay grade in my field. But to me, those cons had been worth it to have the financial security I enjoyed. With the birth of my son, that all changed.

I started researching successful businesses and what helped them to succeed.

Because I did not want just to make a living, I wanted to thrive. A month before my maternity leave was over, I spent all my free time working on my business. Although I started making money right away, I was not making enough to replace my income.

I was grateful for the clients I had and the money I was bringing in. I knew how important it was to have gratitude for what I had. But I needed more.

Not out of greed, not to show off to others, but to live my ideal life. In my ideal life, I am ALWAYS able to put my family first. No more missing my nieces’ events at school because I had to work, no more spending just a few days every other week of quality time with my husband.


I have always learned best from the stories of others. When I speak to fellow lady-preneurs about the road they’ve traveled, it helps me to understand how I can travel the road to success with MY STORY and in MY WAY.

This is how 6-figure mama, a series of interviews of successful mompreneurs was born.

Pre-order the ebook now!

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