Would you love to increase your income in 90 days or less?


Are you stressed, frustrated, and tired of worrying about meeting your financial goals this month?


Do you feel jealous when you hear about the successes other entrepreneurs are experiencing?



Hi, I’m Laureen Oliphant. I am a business consultant who helps entrepreneurial moms, like you, increase their income, find time to relax, and design their optimal lives.

IMG_7463I can help because like you, I am a mompreneur and have struggled with the same issues that are currently bringing you down.

I’ve struggled to find clients, and make enough money to care for my family.

I’ve been reduced to tears when I felt overwhelmed with all the commitments I’d made.

I’ve felt nervous, scared, and insecure as a woman and as an entrepreneur which kept me frozen in a plateau that never helped me reach my dreams.

I overcame those things through experience, coaching, and mindset work. I’m here to help you off that road of failure and broken dreams.

As someone who has owned multiple businesses, including a marketing agency, I know what it takes to up-level your business.

But most important of all, the strategies I use scale your business in a way that does not require you to sacrifice the people you love and the things you enjoy.

As a mom, you do not have to choose between your dream and your family.




Not Only Do I Believe Moms Can Have it All, I Believe We Need to Have It All

When we are taking care of ourselves, thrilled with how our time was used, and our account balances are at an ideal place not only are we happier but our families are more prosperous because we have more energy and love to give.

I believe that families thrive when moms are not worrying about money and time.


When you work with me you get:
  • A business and marketing plan.
  • Simple strategies that help you grow your business without getting overwhelmed.
  • Help becoming more productive.
  • Success that is not only reflected in your bank account but in your lifestyle.
  • Help developing a signature program or product.
  • Tools to make sure you give healthy attention to your business, family, and yourself.


If you are motivated to connect to more clients and bring more money into your business while having time to spend with your family and take that trip to Europe you’ve always dreamed about, then click the link below.


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