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This is a follow-up question to the one I answered on the first Ask Laureen. The first question focused on the tools you can use to keep track of your to-do list. This question focuses on how to follow through. Keep your end goal in mind.

If you need to lose weight, buy the size jeans that you want to fit into and hang it up in a prominent place. If losing weight is not your end goal but being healthy, write down all the things you gain from losing weight and put it up in a prominent place. If your goal is to gain more clients, write it down and…you guessed it… put it in a prominent place. I typically have my goals taped to my bathroom mirror where they are the first thing I see when I wake up (unless the baby woke me up but I’ll have to use the bathroom sometime during the day so I will see it early in the mornings anyways) and the last thing I see before going to bed.

Another way is to break the end goal into little goals. I mean really break it down. For example, if I have a goal to finish a book I break it down into how many hours I want to write a day. If I desire to write for two hours a day, I break it down into 15, 20, or 25 minutes of work. Funny enough, I usually end up surpassing my goals when I break it up into bite-size goals. Perhaps it’s because it’s not overwhelming.

How do you make sure you accomplish your #1 priorities?