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Mastering Your Time Webinar


Do you have trouble balancing priorities, lose track of deadlines, or simply have too much to do at once?

Are you overwhelmed, overworked, and looking for ways to save hours in your day?

Do you want to learn how you can get everything done that you have to do?


What is your story?


When I had my first child, I still worked full-time, and it was difficult leaving him behind. I worked many hours, and when I was home, I felt exhausted and unable to give my family or myself all that I wanted to give (besides financial security).

When I first started talking about going into business full-time rather than just on the side, many moms told me I was being silly. “Moms have been leaving their children to go to work for generations,” they said, “You’ll get used to it. We all do.”

I kept thinking, “Is this it? This is what my life will be like? Am I silly for wanting more?” I felt discouraged. I started telling myself that even if I did something different, what makes me think I would be successful, or any happier? (more…)

Facebook Live Post 2: “I’m too busy…”

I was thinking about adding a completely different page on the blog and posting the live feeds I do. What do you guys think? Let me know!

Do you sometimes get stuck in the phrase, “I’m too busy..?”


After watching the video, I would love to know, what aspect of your time management do you need to work on?

Facebook Live Posts

I’ve been trying to be more active in ways that help me interact more with my clients. And so I’ve been doing one or two Facebook lives per week. I wanted to share my more recent video.

Have you tried batching? Or do you know that you need to batch but have not done it? What is stopping you? What action steps could you take this week to make sure you get some batching done?

Share your insights and comments below!

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3 Ways To Get Things Done When You’re Sick & Pregnant.


I’ve decided to chronicle my journey to having baby number two while taking care of a toddler and getting things done. Why? Because IT’S NOT EASY!

I am one of those women who is very sick her first trimester. I keep thinking to myself. Why oh why did I do this again? I forgot how bad it got. To be honest, I want to do nothing but lie down in my first trimester. I feel nauseous, dizzy, fatigued, and starving most of the time.

Obviously, I can’t just not do anything. One, I would be bored to tears! It’s just not in my nature to accomplish nothing. And two, I have too much to get done. As an ambitious business woman, I cannot just shrug off my responsibilities. No matter what is going on in my life, I need and want my business to grow and flourish. (more…)

Independence: a Key Ingredient to Having a Successful Business

I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of the wisdom that Denise Duffield-Thomas shares with me for “6-Figure Mamas,” my upcoming book for mompreneurs. Denise is a business mama that I truly admire. She strives to be bold and honest in her business. I love how in tune she is with what she wants, why she wants it, and how she’s going to accomplish her wants. In this clip, she talks about how the desire for independence was what motivated and pushed her to where she is today.

After the interview, I would love to hear from you. Why have you or do you want to start a business? What is your “why?”

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Happy New Year!

As I stood on my balcony with my family watching fireworks over the ocean, I could not help but reflect on the many lessons I learned in 2015 and the many experiences I had.

2015 was my growth year. I grew in so many parts of my life and business. (more…)

Why You Should Never Dismiss Anyone

This article was first seen at launchingcreative.com

Best Friends

The power of networking has been proven time and time again. While many focus on networking by joining a group or attending events, there is one thing that is sometimes forgotten in the process, simple courtesy.

You meet someone that you feel can be beneficial in your path to growth for your business or idea, but then realize that they are either not interested or not at the right place in their career to help you. Then you dismiss them, right?


Anyone could be a potential client. It could be the cashier you meet at the store, the mechanic that works on your car, or the friend who sent you a random e-mail to say hi. When you are not courteous, you lose a potential client. As the old adage says, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

When you are not courteous, you lose a potential client.

Back when I was still deciding on whether to start my own freelance writing business, I had a friend who had a business where she would offer coaching for entrepreneurs. I stumbled upon her website while I was researching what the pros and cons were of freelancing. I started to read her blog and felt inspired enough to follow through with my freelance writing career.

Her words were monumental in helping me to bravely leap into the freelance world. I commented on a few of her blog post and mentioned how much I loved what she wrote and asked her a few questions. Never once did she reply


Because she felt that as a friend it was not necessary to reply to me about business matters. Her answer would have been extremely helpful. And I would have procured her services.

But guess what? Because she did not take the time to reply to my questions, even if she thought I was not really interested in her services, she lost me as a customer. And she lost all the customers I could have referred to her. There is no better advertising than word of mouth.

Mika Lawson, owner of Mikarose clothing company, mentioned during an interview at Startup Grind that what helped her clothing line to become successful was when her clothing was acquired by Costco. This occurred when a manager of one of the Costcos contacted her to come in and inform him on why he should have her line and why he should do business with her.

Although she was extremely nervous, she quickly gathered a few samples of her product, prepared a presentation, and arrived early to the meeting on the day of the appointment. While sitting at his office and describing the need for her product at his store, she noticed a picture of someone she knew on his desk.

When she mentioned this, he said, “That’s my son.” It turned out that she had spent time with his son doing humanitarian work. Right then and there he picked up the phone, called his son and said, “What can you tell me about Mika Lawson? What kind of person is she?”

There is no better advertising than word of mouth.
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Because he was impressed with the character referral his son gave him, this manager fought tooth and nail to get her product at his Warehouse and many other Costcos. As a result of this fortuitous start, Mikarose currently sells their product in more than 600 stores and ten different countries.

Although there were many other factors that played a role in their success, this was nevertheless monumental.

The role of courtesy in business can simply be summed up by remembering what you learned in Kindergarten. First, answering questions when asked (without sarcasm). Second, treating others like you want to be treated. And most importantly, exercising patience.

There can be instances where no amount of hard work, talent, or connection can help your business succeed if people don’t like you. No one likes a rude person. The simple, but sometimes forgotten, practice of politeness could lead to connecting to someone able and willing to help your creative idea.

Maximize the simple things and you will be surprised how far it can take you.