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Ask Laureen #3: Secret to Time and Resource Management

available for the year 2016

The secret to knowing where to put your time and resources depends on you ideal client. Take out a piece of paper, write down exactly who you want to reach (create a fictional character). Be very specific. Know these things about your ideal customer:



-Marital status

-Income bracket

-Do they have kids



-Kind of music they listen to

-The way they dress

-Favorite food

-What makes them cry

-What makes them laugh

-Who do they turn to in times of trials

-What is their guilty pleasure
Write down as much detail as you can about your customer. Flesh them out to the point where you could easily create a story about them.

Once you’ve gained an image of who they are, then you can figure which product or services they need. And only then will you know the best ways to spend your time and resources. Narrow down your services until they cater to that one customer. Create your product/services from your client’s perspective. It might seem that doing this will lead to you being too focused. Won’t you get less business this way? On the contrary, you will bet more clients. Your message will become apparent not only to you but to your clients as well. Everything else that you need to do will also become crystal clear to you from that point.


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Play Your Strengths For Success


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Ask Laureen #2

available for the year 2016

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3 Must Haves For Online Businesses

desktop setup

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Ask Laureen #1

available for the year 2016(1)

Your to-do list should help you reach your long-term goals. Goals display the aspirations of your hearts and your perception of what you can accomplish. Take the time to evaluate them and make sure that they are doing just that. (more…)

3 Ways to Combat Entrepreneurial Blocks & Discouragement


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Ask Laureen.


Exciting news! I wanted to announce a new feature that I am starting. Every week, I will collect questions addressed to me and will answer one of them here at 2 clarify every Saturday starting October 3rd. Now is the time to get your questions answered. (more…)