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June 13th

The new website will be live on June 13th! I’m excited for you to see it and, hopefully, enjoy it. See you soon!

Exciting Changes!


I have great news! When I first started 2 clarify six months ago, I wanted to really help others and to grow as an entrepreneur. Different life experiences since last year has made me reevaluate the topics I wanted to cover and how I could push myself to grow as well as my audience. After looking at my business goals, my interests, and feedback I have received from you wonderful audience, I have decided to…drum roll… rebrand. This rebranding will involve not only some appearance changes on the website but a few changes on exactly what I talk about. Now, I will still talk about some of the things I have covered since…

I have decided to focus on entrepreneurial mothers.

In order to have a chance to make these changes, 2 clarify will go on a brief hiatus. The new website should be up and running by beginning of June. I am so grateful that I have had all of your support and feedback. This change will allow me to really focus on some subjects that I have been dying to address. I would love for you to continue checking out this blog. See you in June!


Keys To Success In Life: What You Don’t Know

Flying Fish

A couple of weeks ago I lost the key to my mailbox. I have been searching for it everywhere. But it remains missing. That means whenever I hear or see the post office employee, book it to my mailbox so I can get the mail. In a way, it has been nice because I have gotten to know her a lot better. As I have spoken to her, I have come to know how much she dislikes her job. (more…)

5 tips On Turning Your Idea Into A Business

Business 2

I often encounter people who come up with brilliant business ideas and they ask me how they can turn it into a business. Hopefully, you have gotten to know me well enough by now to know that I become very excited to share any knowledge that I have that could help them. But the other day when someone asked me that, I was not satisfied with my answer to him. I was very busy at the time he asked me and was careless and brief in my answer.


We Are Creative Beings


As I have mentioned before, in the next little bit there will be some exciting changes to the website. I hope you guys will enjoy it because I am looking forward to it. It will be about doing business that is close to my heart (I will explain when I announce the changes). But because of the changes I am going to make, I am going to keep this post short and sweet.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how much we as human beings love to see, listen, or read works of art. We are fine tuned, I feel, to love creativity. Because we are unique, we are all attracted to different creative things. (more…)

Clarity Through Self-Reflection

Clarity through self-reflection

Another post review Friday that is not about reviewing of posts. Instead I wanted to review my week because I have had a ton of things that I have learned or that has happened that I think would be very important to share. At first, I was going to write about all the hard and not so great things that happened this week that I learned from. But then I realized (with the help of someone else) that it has been an incredible week with wonderful things that have also occurred.


Why You Should Seize Your Clarity

Seize Your Clarity

I wanted to have another Friday post review that was a little different. I heard someone say something the other day and I wanted to talk about it. This quote comes from Marie Forleo. It is about why you should seize your clarity. Marie said,

“Clarity equals power.”

This is what I have been wanting to do for you guys. I want to help you have power over your life, your purpose, and your path. Start your journey¬†to gaining clarity in your life and seize your power. Don’t let someone else take it away from you because you did not know who you were,what you wanted, and the kind of path you wanted to take to get there. Seize your clarity.

Greet Yourself

Greet yourself

I have been thinking a lot lately about how women view themselves; their self image. As women, although we are amazing, we have such a hard time seeing that. Some of the most confident women I know go through bouts where they do not see themselves clearly. They forget the things they have accomplished and that they are in the process of accomplishing. We are critical about our looks, our success, our relationships, and our spirituality.