Clarity through self-reflection

Another post review Friday that is not about reviewing of posts. Instead I wanted to review my week because I have had a ton of things that I have learned or that has happened that I think would be very important to share. At first, I was going to write about all the hard and not so great things that happened this week that I learned from. But then I realized (with the help of someone else) that it has been an incredible week with wonderful things that have also occurred.

It has been a crazy week. Random things have popped up that needed to be done that made it difficult to accomplish things that I actually did plan to get done. But I learned so much this crazy week that it was a good experience.

One, my son has recovered from being sick and having a 102F fever. Let me tell you, when my little buddy is sick, my heart is weighed down and it’s just sad seeing him being more lethargic than he normally is (he is usually a very active baby). Him recovering was by far one of the best part of the week.

My husband’s grandma (who is a kind & beautiful person) celebrated her 85th birthday. The whole family was able to get together and hold a birthday celebration at a skating rink (that’s where she wanted to hold it so that everyone would have some fun). It was wonderful listening to her stories from 85 years of living. That’s a lot of history! I am so thankful that she is happy, healthy, and of sound mind. And so thankful that we had the means to go. Sometimes I forget that not every place in the world has the same advantages and possibilities that we do.

I had a few family members who needed me to help them out with different things during the week. Some asked me in advance and some asked me at the last minute. I wanted to help so I said yes…and overbooked myself. At the end I was really stressed out & did not get to do all the things I had wanted to get done. But you know what? It was worth it. As I have been pondering about all the things that kept me busy this week, I realized that the things I did accomplish were in line with my priority and my value. My family means the world to me and seeing them happy makes my world a better place.

Of course that does not mean I should always ignore my own needs to help someone out. But I do need to know who I want to be and what will help me get there. What matters most to me? And can I still take care of my mental, emotional. physical, and spiritual self while helping someone else with what they need? Serving others somehow always helps me feel like my best self and so I try to put a lot of priority on that.

I have been taking a business course that I have been loving (Marie Forleo’s B-school)! But it is A LOT of work (there will be some exciting upcoming changes I am planning due to what I have been learning about myself & business in B-school). When I started the program I decided that I wanted to get all the work done on Mondays. Well, that did not work out this week. As Monday came and went, I felt tremendously stressed and upset not to have met my goal. But as I split working on the program throughout the week, I liked it better. And I felt that the things I was getting done were getting done better. It worked better for me.

In general, I have learned not to be so inflexible this week. Life is full of surprises and if those surprises are going to get me upset, unbalanced, or stressed then I am going to have a very hard life. That is not what I want and therefore I choose to enjoy what comes, not to stay down when I get knocked down, and to pay attention to who I am and who I am becoming as I LIVE life. This week was a wonderful week to remind me of how lucky I am. We all have great things happening in our lives all the time. Do we always remember to appreciate them or to even see these moments of beauty? The world and our lives are filled with so much beauty. It is also filled with big and small moments that cause us (I hope) to stop and catch our breaths with wonder.

What about you? In the comments below, tell me of one wonderful thing that has happened to you this week? It does not matter how big or small the experience was.

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3 Comments on Clarity Through Self-Reflection

  1. Darian
    March 24, 2015 at 9:08 AM (4 years ago)

    I like what you say about being less inflexible. It really is impossible to go through life without adapting.

  2. Fonda
    March 28, 2015 at 10:46 AM (4 years ago)

    One thing I have noticed is that it’s great to have goals and it’s like you said, sometimes you can accomplish them easily and other times there are all sorts of interruptions, especially when you have a young family. I don’t consider myself old yet but I’ve lived long enough to be able to look back and see that even though I would have liked to accomplish a few more things to this point I have still accomplished many worthwhile things. And I’m not done yet.

    • Laureen
      March 28, 2015 at 9:25 PM (4 years ago)

      I love that, Fonda!I think we can always look back and see a few things we could have or would have liked to accomplish. But we do need to see and realize all the many worthwhile things we HAVE accomplished.


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