After having my baby, I made a conscious decision to focus on my boys until we were all three ready for me to be active in my business again.

Before giving birth to my baby, I had planned on not being very active in my business for about two to three months. But my little one needed more time to adjust to the abruptness of coming into this world. He needed to feel more of my love and have more of my time.

It felt RIGHT for me to give him the time he needed to feel secure and adjusted. Giving him, my toddler, my husband, and me that time to adjust to the expansion in our family was necessary.

In all honesty, some days were hard as I worried about how easy it was for businesses to be forgotten in the online space when they are inactive.

But as I’ve been getting back to work, I’ve come to realize what a great decision it was for me to focus on my boys. I am glad I listened to my intuition.

My children are happy and seem to feel secure of my love and attention.

I’ve gained AMAZING clarity about my business that I wouldn’t have achieved if I had not stepped back.

And my marketing idea generator feels like it has consumed gallons and gallons of energy drinks.

Do you feel out of alignment with your life and business? Have you stopped to ponder on why you’re feeling the way you are?

It’s ok to take the time you need to step back from a decision, activity, program, relationship, etc.

Follow your intuition, even if everyone around you is saying something different than what you feel you should do.

You are a unique being living a unique life and growing your unique business. Only you know what you need to do to get to your next level.

When was the last time you followed your intuition & what happened?