As I stood on my balcony with my family watching fireworks over the ocean, I could not help but reflect on the many lessons I learned in 2015 and the many experiences I had.

2015 was my growth year. I grew in so many parts of my life and business.

I started too many projects and learned that it was ok to scale back until I could give each the attention it deserved without sacrificing my health, lifestyle, and happiness.

I interviewed mothers from all over the world who were able to make a living with their businesses. I was so so scared to begin this project. What if I did a horrible job? What if my audience ended up not liking these interviews and thought they were boring? What if no one said yes? But with the encouragement of family and friends, I pushed past my comfort zone and found something beautiful. These women were enlightening, delightful, patient, kind, and powerful.

I became more clear about whom I wanted to work with and whom I didn’t.

I traveled with my family and experienced things I did not foresee would make a difference in the kind of person I was and the type of life I wanted to have.

I became more attune to my inner voice. My continuous journey of clarity and balance has given me strength in character, heart, mind, and spirit. I have learned it’s ok if what I do, say, or think receive criticism as long as all those things are my truth.

I met mompreneurs who have profoundly touched my heart and changed my perspective on what it’s like to be a woman, a mother, a daughter, sister, niece, friend and an entrepreneur.

I fell move deeply in love with my husband as I have watched him be the kind of father I hoped and knew he would be. And the type of spouse I always prayed that I would have.

All these lessons, discoveries, and examples helped me to understand how I could create my map of what I wanted out of my 2016. For me, massive growth is the overarching goal of this year. I want to double my business revenue, spend more time with the women in my life, release my book, and launch my first course. I have already made mini goals to ensure that what I want and what I get out of 2016 will be almost identical.

Of course, part of growth are unexpected lessons. I am willing to be flexible with life.

I wish you life & business success for 2016. May it bring you lessons that will deepen you inner peace, your happiness, your relationships, and financial wallet!