One day I was super stressed because I needed to write and format my post, newsletter, as well as some other writing assignments I had. But my baby was sick and clingy. I could not get anything done. How was I suppose to grow a successful business with a sick baby?

And then I remembered something very important. I wanted to grow a successful business that I loved. The whole point of having a successful business for me was so that I could focus on the things and the people that were important. What was the point of it all if I could not just cuddle with my child when he needed it? Attend my little niece school play? Go on a date with my husband? Any career or business that took away from those experiences was not worth having, to me.

With this adjustment in attitude, I stopped what I was doing, put on some of my son’s favorite music, and climbed on the couch for some cuddling time. The funny thing is that instead of feeling more stressed, I felt calm and even invigorated. And once my son felt like he had been loved on enough, he wanted to be set free. He went off to play on his own, which allowed me to finish the things I needed.

But sometimes your kids won’t give you the time you need to finish work before a deadline. There are three ways I came up with that will help you to accomplish the things you need to have a successful business. Because you are driven, ambitious, and in love with having a business that helps you to maintain or gain a lifestyle you want.


1. Don’t procrastinate.

In general it isn’t good to procrastinate for many reasons. You have no idea what’s in store in the future and how events will lead to you not having time to finish what you thought you would. Also, it leads to a lot of stress. I used to procrastinate everything. I got a high out of being able to accomplish my tasks in very little time. Oh, how young and foolish I was. But, fortunately, I grew wiser. I realized that although I would accomplish my tasks in time and get praised for the work I did, it was not my best work. I was not always completely satisfied with the outcome. I could do better. I did not want to be mediocre, I wanted to be outstanding. Don’t wait to the last minute to start working on that product launch, that article, or the design that your customer asked for. Start woking on it as soon as you can so that you can spread it out as much as you need to if you have a child that will constantly come to ask for your help with something. And get it done before you think you need to. That way if the day or two days before your assignment is due your baby develops a fever, you can take the time to just give them the comfort and love they need.

2. Ask for help.

It takes a village to raise a child. You can’t do it alone. In fact, you shouldn’t do it alone. Your child needs the interaction with others as much as you need to get things done. Just make sure that you truly trust the person you are leaving your child with, an irreplaceable precious treasure. By doing this, you are making sure they are safe and that you can work with a peaceful mind.

Instead of asking someone to help you with your child/children, you could ask help with your work. Maybe it’s time to hire a staff. There is nothing wrong with growing your team unless it is not the way you want your business to be.

3. Adjust your work hours.

Maybe you need to wake up earlier and go to be earlier (if it is in your control to do so). Quiet time in your house could be from 5am to 7am. Take advantage of that time to be productive. You don’t have to wake up that early every day, but maybe one to three times a week so that you can get things done without interruptions or distractions. I love those early morning days! In fact, it just energizes me for the rest of the day. Being able to get my work done early, I was really able to be in the NOW with everyone I interacted with for the rest of the day. And how great it is to be truly present with the people you love and not distracted with thinking about what you need to get done? Priceless.

Having children is an amazing blessing. They add more value than you could have imagined before you had them. They do not make life easier, but they are definitely worth it. Figuring out ways to spend more quality time with them and run a successful business is necessary and completely doable.

Which of the three things you plan on implementing in the future?