In January 2010 there was a major earthquake that had a devastating effect in Haiti.  Numerous groups were sent out to aid this tiny place in the island of Hispaniola.  I had the opportunity to be part of one of these groups because of my language and medical skills. I did not realize the lessons I would take away from going on this humanitarian trip. I felt I got more out of it than I gave. There were a few random things I learned while I was there. I share them in this website because it was these random things that lead to a systematic journey to clarify myself, my life, and my purpose (which includes my career).


 I learned:

Human beings are capable of profound compassion, no matter how little or much they have.

Love can change the world.

A simple act can be felt for generations.

Forgiveness lightens the heart and mind.

The ignorant should be pitied not reviled.

Truth has no language barrier.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

What you do when you think no one is watching defines who you are.

Your home is defined by who is a part of it and how you interact with them, not the objects inside of it.

It is not a sin to be successful at what you do. In fact it makes it so that you can help others even more with your monetary gains.

If your cab driver gets a speeding ticket while getting you to the medical area you need to go, it brings tears to their eyes if you pay them their fare and add a tip that covers the ticket.

Quiet dignity comes with a kind smile, open arms, and loving eyes.

Watching an elderly man care for his, elderly, comatose wife defines marriage.

Laughter, in the face of trials and difficulties, is healing and bring hope.

Never stop learning. Never stop hoping. Never stop doing.




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