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Imagine the kind of life we were enjoying. We were renting homes in places that were appealing. And staying there long enough to understand the people and the culture (my favorite type of traveling). We were trying all sorts of restaurants that people from all over raved about, and enjoying the flexibility being entrepreneurial nomads allowed us to spend time with our family.

It was great. And so why didn’t we continue to do longer?


I want to share what made us stop traveling and settle down.


Lesson #4: Listening to your intuition


Understand not necessarily what you want but what you need.

About a month or so before we moved from one place, we started to decide what the next place should be. That gave us a chance to do some research and get everything in place that we needed to for our next adventure.

Near the end of our nomadic days (at least for now), we had a hard time feeling out our next place. Something just felt…off. Our intuition was not agreeing with where we wanted to go. And we could not understand why.

As many of you know, we believe in the power of prayer. And so when we couldn’t figure out what our intuition was telling us, we started to pray for clarity and guidance. What were we missing? What was it telling us? What did we need to do?

Because we were having a hard time deciding, we delayed leaving the place where we were currently located. We gave ourselves another month and a half there.

I’m so glad we did not ignore our intuition and just moved on to the next adventure.

I’ve come to realize how big a part our intuition plays in our business. We need to be in sync with the business we have and where it’s going. It needs to feel RIGHT. Not listening to that could put us off our game and cause all sorts of difficulty that we don’t need to go through.


2. Taking inspired action steps

Once we realized that it was time for us to settle down and stop traveling, we needed to figure out where we needed to go and what to do when we get there.

It became apparent to us that we needed to move back home. Both of our families lived there. I felt VERY strongly that this time of my life was meant to strengthen bonds with friends and family. I felt this so STRONGLY that I cannot describe it in words.

We immediately made plans to go home. We didn’t even know exactly where we were going to live since we had sold our home, but we knew we needed to just get there.

Unbeknownst to us, we had friends and family that needed our support at that time. They were going through things that they never shared when we spoke over the phone, texted, or exchanged e-mails. If we had not gone home when we did, we would have missed an opportunity to support the people we love, one of our biggest core values.

It’s not enough to be intuitive about what your next step in business should be. Once you know what you need to do, you actually need to do it.

It’s easy to become frozen in decision making and never taking the steps you need to get where you feel like you need to go.

But that’s not enough.

Take a leap of faith, start taking steps that you feel you need to take. Don’t let fear, or pride get in your way. That is a road that leads you to being one of the 50% or so of businesses that fail within 4 years of starting your business.

It takes courage to make that intuitive step. But if you do what you need to do, that leap will take you far beyond where you wanted to go. In a good way:-).

In the comments, I would love to hear from you. When did you trust your intuition and take a leap of faith that resulted in growth and success?


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