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I have been a business consultant for a long time. And I have own multiple businesses over the years. Some have been successful, and some have not. But before I started to travel, I did not realize that I had a HUGE mindset issue kept me from seeing more success than I had previously seen in my businesses and in my life.

Ironically, this mindset problem was not an issue when it came to marketing for my clients because I truly believed in their products or services. And I thought the benefit they provided for their customers would contribute to their health in one way or another.

This mindset problem leads to the 3rd lesson I learned as a traveling entrepreneur.


Lesson #3: Refining Your Message


1. Understanding and formulating My elevator pitch

Going to all these new places and meeting all these new people allowed me the opportunity to define and refine my message. As an entrepreneur, I was sometimes shy about telling people what I do because I did not want to come across as forceful or salesy when it came to face to face conversations.

This was especially true when they would look confused when I told them what I did. It made me feel self-conscious. As if what I did was not good enough or did not matter. I would start to doubt the value I provided and then be even more shy about telling people what my business was about.

But because I was shy about sharing my message, it was difficult even to put into words what my message was.

I had to become good at figuring out those words and refining them until the people I spoke to understood right away EXACTLY WHAT I DID and how I provided value.

Even though I have sat down before to write down what I did for my client, wanting to explain my business better made me sit down and gain clarity on what my clients needed. Then using their words, I wrote down what kind of ROI my clients received from working with me.

I worked on my elevator pitch. And the better I got at this, the faster and clearer people I met understood what I did. And the more clients I gained.


2. Inner Clarity

Being able to explain my elevator pitch to others helped me understand my business better. It was a circle. The more I understood about what I offered, the more I could explain it, the more I explained it, the more I understood it.

It was through this process that I realized that I was not quite in the business I wanted to be. I owned a marketing agency. I loved helping my clients spread their message, earn trust, and gain new clients. But I realized the work did not light me up.

I realized that I loved the consulting aspect of it more than I enjoyed doing it for my clients.

Once I realized this and changed my focus, I jumped out of bed every day excited to work on my business. It was hard to stop working because I enjoyed it so much. And I knew, that’s what would make my business sustainable. Enjoying the business I had and where it was headed.

In the comments below, I would love to hear your elevator pitch. Can you tell me what you do and your mission in one sentence?


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