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I remember last New Year’s when my family and I were celebrating in a beautiful home on the beach that we had rented. It was peaceful, fun, and FABULOUS!

Our little boy had already fallen asleep, and it was just my husband and mewatching fireworks going off over the ocean.

As we celebrated, we talked about the last year that we had experienced and what we would like the next year to be like. It was a wonderful conversation that I reflected back on for a few weeks afterward.

This leads me to another lesson that I learned as a traveling entrepreneur. And the mini lessons that fall under that.


Lesson #2: Planning is key for success


1. Research vs. Planning

I love to research. I research about everything and anything I do. Before traveling, I researched everything I thought would help my family and me have a better experience. I thought I was prepared.

But the truth is that although I knew in general what to expect, I failed to do something that would help me excel or at least do well when certain situations aroused.

I failed to plan adequately.

I was not as prepared as I could have been for my year as a traveling entrepreneur.

Don’t get me wrong; I love planning. I am always researching and planning, but sometimes my research dominates the planning part of my time.

One of the issues that came up at the first place we visited was that it did not support our phone service and it had horrible WiFi. HORRIBLE!

Phone calls rarely came through, and it rarely allowed us to make outbound calls. I felt like I was living in the middle ages (ok, slight exaggeration).

This meant that it was difficult to get a hold of my clients and for my clients to get a hold of me.

Another thing that was difficult was getting on Periscope. The internet was not strong enough to support doing live feeds.

This was frustrating for me since I had loved the launch of Periscope and had been immediately on board with it. I knew that this was going to be a great way to build my following, build trust, and showcase my expertise.

But since I had not planned on this kind of internet issue, Periscope was not something I was able to get on during my months living in that area.


2. Flexibility

I am a planner. But sometimes I had a habit (and I still struggle with this a bit) of making my plans rigid.

Once I made a plan, if something disrupted it, I felt out of balance and sometimes moody. I felt that since my plans failed it was always a reflection of my inadequacies. Which was silly. We cannot always control our circumstances or the actions of others.

Due to all the issues I experienced, especially in our first stop, I became a lot more flexible of a planner. I understood that being willing to allow your plans to change was a sign of strength and expertise.

Once we realized that getting on the phone with clients and others was going to be an issue, we had to figure out a different way to do our work. I had to do a lot of my client contacts and works through e-mail. But since the internet was terrible, it also meant I had to plan on getting those things done way ahead of schedule just to make sure they would upload.

I also had to become ok with not using Periscope as a means to grow my business. I had to brainstorm other ways to spend my time getting in front of my ideal clients.

The thing about marketing is that you have to adjust it to your circumstances. If you are rigid in what you do and the way you are doing it, it can lead to failure and decreased income.

In the comments below, I would love to hear about a time when you had to change a big plan you made for your business and how you handled it.


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