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When I first began my business, I received a phone call from a client who was interested in getting a quote about some work he would like me to do for him.  I was extremely excited and, as you can imagine, nervous. I just kept thinking about how this account could increase my income tremendously. I spent the whole phone call trying to figure out a price in my head as he described the project. I hung up the phone feeling sad and unsatisfied. I could not figure out why since I was not rejected for the project.

Weeks went by with me feeling this way. And then one day I finally understood my unease. I was on Nisha Moodley‘s website when I stumbled upon her “Free to say yes” audio sales training.

What I heard changed my business and life forever.

She said, “offer your services and products from a place of compassion and a place of listening.”

I felt unease because instead of offering my services from a place of giving, I was offering it from a place of greed. I was not really listening to what my client was telling me. My thoughts and emotions were turned inward instead of outward towards my client. I was so occupied thinking about how great them accepting my services would be for me that I forgot the whole reason I began a business in the first place which was to help others.  By offering your services from a place of giving, two things happen.


1. It gives clarity to business.


If you know why you are starting or have a business, then you know know how to construct your business plan. And the number one question you should answer with a business plan is what need you are fulfilling for the client. Trust me when I tell you that if you are in business just to make money, you will not succeed. You have to be there to help others and to make money. But meeting the needs of others has to be first. Keep ego and greed out of it. Then as your business grow, you should always ask yourself, “how can I make this service better for those I serve?”

Although we are business owners, we are also customers. How good does it feel when you buy a service or product from someone who makes you feel like your need is their number one priority? Pretty darn good. For that reason, you always want to be there to help their business succeed. Your clients will feel the same way.  Want to succeed? Then be giving, compassionate, and attentive to your clients.


2. It promotes passion.


When I know that my services helps someone else, I am more passionate about how I talk and write about it. I know my services are good for the client and instead of feeling shy that I might be selling them something, I feel excited that I am offering them something wonderful.

Often entrepreneurs begin to think their business is tedious. They want to move on and not feel burdened by a business that they put a lot of sweat into. They lose their passion for what they do. But if you know what need you want to fulfill when you start your business and you make sure that the services and products you offer are in tune with that purpose, you will remain passionate about your business.

There is no reason you cannot create a business that you love and are passionate about. Just make sure to offer your services from a place of giving.

Since listening to the “Free to say yes” audio training, I have changed the way I approach my business and potential clients. I make sure that I am constantly learning how to do my job better because my clients deserve it. I constantly seek personal growth so that I might know how to help my clients grow. Their happiness means the world to me. That does not mean I let others define my business or who I am. But it does mean that I work with my clients to define my services.


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