Day 2 of the Build Your Blog Conference (#BYBC) was exactly what I needed to hear. As with yesterday, I will review some of the things I learned from the workshops I attended at this conference. I will not share everything since it would take too long. But check the conference out and the people who taught the workshops. As I began to write this post, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for those who were willing to share all they have learned on their journey to success in life and work. As I looked around the conference, I was uplifted by the excitement and relief I saw in the faces of my fellow conferencees as they finally received the guidance they needed to up-level.

I started the morning by being part of a group coaching with the six sisters from That alone would have been worth the money that I paid to attend the conference. I admired their honesty, their straightforwardness, and their genuineness. They gave concrete answers that could be applied immediately.

Here are some things they said about how you could grow your audience.

  • Post every single day for a year. This is a lot of work, but it brings more traffic to your sight in a relatively short period of time. If you can’t post that often, just post as often as you can. At least once a week.
  • At the end of every single one of your posts, have a call to action. Do you want people to share your post? Buy products? Follow you on social media? Then ask your readers.
  • Be a contributor to another website with more traffic. Then the followers on that website will be exposed to your content and will follow your link to read more of your posts. It gives you exposure to people you might not have found otherwise.


Afterwards, I attended a class called “From Blog to Book” by Keith Ogorek (from Life Rich Publishing) & Da Vince (Just published her first recipe book through Life Rich Publishing). They spoke about why you should publish a book, all the different ways you could publish, and the pros and cons to these different pathways.

  • Publishing a book helps you establish credibility, builds your brand, gives you more ways to find an audience.
    • You may not make a lot of money from your book but it will lead people to you to look at other products you might have. For instance, Da Vince’s cookbook might or might not make a lot of money but once you get to her online store, you’ll see she sells aprons and wine glasses. You need to figure out why you want to publish your book.
  • There are four paths to publishing:
    • DIY (Do It Yourself). You are responsible for every aspect of publishing and marketing your book. There are resources like Createspace and Authorhouse which you can use to help you in your self publishing journey. You have complete control of your work.
    • General Contractor. Even though you are in control of the whole project, you find other people to take care of different parts of it for you, such as the graphic designs. This could get expensive.
    • Supported Self-Publishing. You work with a company to help you get your book designed, distributed, and promoted. You still have complete control of your work. Most of the risk are yours but so are most of the benefits.
    • Traditional Publishing. The publishing house takes care of everything. They usually give you an advance for the book. If you’re someone who just wants to write the book and not deal with a lot of the other aspecst, such as finding an editor, then traditional could be the right path for you. But you do not have much control over your work because you sign your right over to the company.


I attended a workshop by Bonnie Andrews who is the genius behind Hobby to Hot. Bonnie knows her stuff. Being in a conversation with her is like burst of knowledge and clarity that illuminates your thoughts and ideas for your business. Loved her! As the name of her website suggests, she helps people make their blogs into hot commodities. She finds great ways to help people make money from their blog through e-courses and coaching that she offers. A few key things I took away from her workshop were:

  • Own what you do.
  • Your content + Products Clients Love= Connection
  • Connection means money and money is OK. There’s nothing wrong with money.
  • Good Content + Compelling Offer= Money
  • Every piece of Content you publish should be a sales page.
    • It needs to be content connected to an offer or a call to action connected to a content that leads to an offer.
    • This is not about selling, this is about providing something someone needs and they are happy to hear from you about it.
    • Figure out what your clients want and give it to them. Then you will not need ads or sponsored posts to create revenue for your website. LISTEN to your clients.
  • Identify one product
    • You need focus and planning.
    • Pick one thing and do it really well.
    • Use an editorial calendar.
    • Once you know how to sell one thing, it’s much easier to make other products.
    • Get feedback from people and then pick one thing.


My last workshop was with Stephanie Cornais who spoke about how to make 6 figures from eBooks. As someone who is very interested in publishing a book, this class was a necessity. Stephanie gave some pointers that I feel will be helpful to all my readers.

  • Pray for help to have the creative genius to come up with the content you need in your book and that you will encounter those that can help you in your writing journey. Maybe it will be an expert in the topic you are writing about.
  • Create a writing schedule and stick to it.
    • Get up earlier and write for a certain amount of time.
    • Know the times when you are at your best and most productive (we spoke about this specific topic in a previous post).
    • STICK TO IT.
  • Start with a layout, an outline.
    • Get the info unto the page, don’t worry about flow.
    • Walk away for a while (a week maybe) and then come back with fresh eyes.
  • Hire an editor!!! You want a quality e-book. It is worth the money.
  • Have a marketing plan.
    • Go intense for a certain amount of time (days to weeks)
    • Have a launch party
    • Blog and share like crazy. Talk it up.
    • You should have bloggers already set up as affiliates.
  • Give yourself 24 months to recover from the launch of your e-book or product before you launch a new one. Then it is much easier to tackle the next project with renewed energy and 100% focus.


The emphasis of the conference was pretty much about how you could accomplish anything if you had drive and passion. Great businesses are not a get rich quick scheme. Yes, you can see immediate results from performing the right actions for your life and business,but success happens one step at a time.

The thing about conferences are, if you have an open mind and heart, you always walk away having learned something that will help you grow. If you go with the attitude that you know it all, then you will learn nothing. But if you listen and apply the things you learn, you and your business will be unstoppable. Thus, I beseech you, to take the time and spend the money to attend a conference in your field of interest. It will be worth the money in the content you receive and the networking opportunities you have access to. Don’t be shy, tell people about yourself, ask them about their services or products, and LISTEN.

In the comments below, please share how you will apply some of the suggestions given by these successful business people. Which suggestion resonated the best with you?

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2 Comments on Post Review #2.5

  1. Bonnie {Hobby to HOT!}
    February 23, 2015 at 8:34 PM (4 years ago)

    Loved meeting you at the conference! Can’t wait to see all the success you will experience!

    • Laureen
      February 24, 2015 at 8:32 AM (4 years ago)

      It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Loved you at the conference and all the great advice you gave!


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