I am pretty excited about today’s post review. I stumbled upon a few new blogs that I have never read before. Although there are not many listed this week (I read quite a bit of posts, I just did not find many that upheld the “clarify & simplify your life” theme. I hope you will go to the blog posts listed below and read them.



Launching Creative’s  “How to Land Clients That Are Out of Your League” post really left me pondering. Great post by Mike Richeson. He advises you to be creative & think outside the box.

In The Private Life of A Girl, “My Creative Process: Planning,” Sophie talks about all the different kinds of ways she plans for her business and life. One of the things she mentioned was the Sunrise Calendar, which I had never heard off. It sends notifications to all your devices when you have an event coming up. I do some of the things she mentioned, but after reading the clear and simple way she organized her planners, I will definitely implement more of her methods.

Career Girl Daily is an online magazine for career women. Their post, “4 Reasons Why Failure Is a Part of the Road to Success and You Should Embrace It” really had me thinking. Who isn’t afraid of failing? I am. I constantly have to push myself beyond my fear of failure. Otherwise I would have never started my business, gotten married, had a baby, made new friends, bought a house, etc…And the lessons I learn from my failures have lead to some pretty good successes in my life.



A little Opulent, an online magazine, posted yesterday, “How to Be A Better Friend.” I think true, loyal, and amazing friendships make the world a better place to live in. I am a pretty social person who loves making friends with everyone. But one day I had to decide who my real friends were. It was an enlightening moment. And once I decided who these people were, I knew I had to find a way for me to be a better friend to them. I’ve loved this “become a better friend” journey. The posts published by A little Opulent gives some wonderful advice that anyone can put into effect. Good friendships make life so much fuller, vibrant, and cozy.


Which one of these posts resonated with you and why?