I am an avid reader. I spend  a majority of my time (besides with family) reading books, blog posts, and magazines. I stumble upon great information that helps me improve all areas of my life. These books, posts, and articles help me gain clarity (hence why it improves my life). Whenever I find articles that would be helpful to someone I know, I e-mail it to them or tell them about it.

That is why I’ve decided to have one of the two posts I publish on this website be about great articles I’ve found that week (a post review) that will clarify and simplify your life. Instead of publishing on Wednesdays and Saturdays like I was, I will be publishing every Friday and Saturday. Friday will be my post review day. Although it will focus on things that will aid you in business, since part of the purpose of this blog is simplifying life & work, there will also be post about other areas of life.



Sarah Jenks’s post, “I want to help you with your business,” offers wonderful insights that we can all benefit from. I love the seven steps she lists in the post on how to start and become successful in business.

Grace Bonney, owner of Canoe wrote a wonderful article called “What It’s Like to Quit A Day Job to Start Your Own Business.” The article is about how to decide when it’s time to leave your corporate job to pursue establishing or growing your own business. I loved how she took her time organizing her mind before making a decision.



Simple Green Smoothies “Skinny Mint Green Smoothie.” I am a big fan of delicious green smoothies. I believe drinking green smoothies promotes healthy growth. You cannot go wrong with this recipe.

A beautiful Mess “15 Easy and Healthy Recipes for the New Year.” I love the words easy and healthy in a recipe. Although I love to cook, finding time to make elaborate meals is difficult when I have limited time to do it. That is why I loved this post by the Beautiful Mess sisters. They give you very clear and concise ways to follow their recipe.



Sarah Von Bargen’s article “Fix Your Time Estimates, Make More Money.” When I first began freelancing I had the hardest time coming up with my prices. I still do. This article goes over one of the most important aspects of pricing, your time.

These are the six that made the list this week. Come back again next Friday to see the topics and articles that I found that will clarify your life and work.



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