Now that you’ve organized your mind, it’s time to take the next step; ACTION. It is this step that many find difficult and that can impede your road to success. Your number one roadblock will be procrastination. This could be paralyzing to your life and to your business. Thus I am going to give you 5 ways to overcome procrastination.


1. Break your goals down to simple steps.

Make a daily or weekly to do list. If you are chewing off too big of a chunk, you will feel overwhelmed. This can lead to you procrastinating because you have no idea where to start. If you break up your tasks into mini task, you will be surprised how much you get done or how relatively easy it seems. Break up your goals into mini daily and/or weekly task.

When I first started writing my thesis paper, it seemed like a huge task that I could never possibly get done. I had to write 60 to 100 pages of content! I felt overwhelmed and procrastinated. This in turn caused me to feel more stress and less competent. But I finally realized the reason I was procrastinating and decided to figure out how I could overcome this issue. I started by writing my works cited page first. Then I told myself I only needed to write one page of my introduction. To be honest, as soon as I started writing, it was easy. I could never just write one page. I would end up writing three or more pages every time I sat down. This was because I had already done the research, I was knowledgeable on my subject, and I found the subject fascinating.

It will be the same for you. You have already decided which path you want to take, you just need to start walking in that direction. One baby step will lead to two and eventually, you might even start running to your goal.


Tweet: You have already decided which path you want to take. Start walking in that direction. @laureenoliphant You have already decided which path you want to take. Start walking in that direction.



2. Clear up your schedule.

We have already spoken about the dangers of feeling overwhelmed from putting too much on your plate. Look at your schedule; do you have every block of time filled out to the point where there are no wiggling room? Yes, it is very good to have a life filled with action, but too much is not healthy either. A little flexibility will make you feel as if you have time to play as well as work. Because of the way I planned my schedule when I was writing my thesis, I felt free to go out to lunch with a friend when they called. Of course I ensured I was at a good spot to stop, but I made sure I had something that made it easier to go back to the task at hand.

Another reason to clear up your schedule is that you need to focus on one task at a time. Being a multitasker is not necessarily a good thing. How can you give a 100% of your attention to many things? The math does not add up. Prioritize your tasks. If your goal is to become the go to person for animal behavior, focus on learning about one animal at a time.


3. Have an accountability buddy.2321_48856959225_4223_n

We all know it is much easier to do things that you have to be accountable to someone about. This is one of the reasons having a coach is so important. They help you get stuff done by being there to encourage, educate, support, and push you. Of course if your accountability person or coach is just pushing you, then you did not accomplish the first step of organizing your mind. YOU are the only one who can push you. It will be very frustrating for someone else if they are doing all the work in helping you be motivated. They help you stay motivated, but the real push is up to you.


Tweet: The real push is up to you. @laureenoliphantThe real push is up to you.




You are more likely to accomplish a task if you know you have to answer to someone at the end of the day. You do not want to have to answer “no” every time they ask you if you achieved the assigned task. When I signed up for a half marathon, I knew it was going to be a challenge. My sister and I decided to sign up together in order to motivate each other. We would call each other every night and ask if we went jogging for a mile, or whatever mile we had agreed on. When we did not meet our goal for the day, we ask each other what happened and come up with a way to make sure that did not happen again. If we did accomplish it, man were we excited! That feeling enough kept us motivated to stay true to our goals.


4. A reward system.

What will you give yourself if you accomplish your goal? Yes, sometimes finishing your goal is an award in of itself. But sometimes, to help you stay motivated, you need a gift you can give yourself. My favorite gift to myself is just taking a few hours to read a good book. When I know by accomplishing my goal I can have some guilt free relaxing time, I feel more motivated and cheerful as I accomplish what I need to.


5. Create a constructive environment.

You might need to set aside a special room or space to help you stay on that path to success. Then every time you go there you know it’s time to bunker down and get to work. That space should also motivate you by remaining uncluttered and free. Remember, keep it simple.

Part of a constructive environment is the people you surround yourself with. If you are surrounded by people who either tell you negative things about what you can accomplish or your dreams, then your chances of acting on your goals go down. A flower thrives in an environment of water and sunlight. Make sure the people around you provide you with the nourishment of water and sunlight. There is no need nor want for toxicity in your life.

Now that you have your five ways to keep procrastination away, you are ready to get much accomplish and gain clarity. So, ready. Set. GO!