I love Periscope! Periscope is a video sharing app made by Twitter (March 2015) that allows you to live broadcasts to your Twitter followers and anyone else who wants to join. What this means is that people are watching you and interacting with you live. I’ve loved making videos on it as well as interacting with some of my favorite brands. There are three advantages to using Periscope.


1. Getting to know You.

People want to see the face behind the brand. They want to see who you are, what makes you different, and why they should consider you trustworthy. I have loved, loved getting to know some of my favorite brands. Since it’s live broadcasting, you can’t retake the shot so what people see is who you are. And the imperfections are part of the appeal. It makes you real to them and not just some faceless company trying to con them out of their money. For instance, I did a broadcast on how to keep your WordPress theme active while you’re working on updating or re-branding your website. Since I was with my baby, you could hear him in the background. Someone later told me how appealing they found that. To her, it made me a real person that she wanted to interact with. She ended up following me on both Periscope and Twitter.

Also, it gives you the chance to interact with some of your favorite brands. For instance, I love getting on Denise Duffield-Thomas’s live feeds when she’s on. I have always loved how straight forward she has always seemed on her blog. But now that I’ve watched her live, I like her even more. And since she has seen my name pop up on her broadcasts, she now knows who I am. She always says, “Hey Laureen. It’s nice to have you here again today.” And she says it warmly. As if we had met each other in person. That is the power of Periscope.


2. Immediate Feedback.

The interactive nature of Periscopes makes it easier to know what kind of services or products your clients want. You have a chance to answer questions for them live. You get a chance to see what they struggle with which in turn will help you fine tune your services. How wonderful would it be to know immediately if your peeps would benefit from a 6-week course or an 8-week course? Interacting with them about your services or product can also help garner more interest in what you are offering.

When your audience is enjoying what you’re saying they will give you hearts. Hearts are like the heart you get on Instagram, or when people like your comment on Facebook except they can send you as many hearts as they want. The more hearts you see flying around on your screen, the more they are enjoying what you are sharing.


3. Gain trust as an expert in your field.

The internet world is filled with millions of products, services, and courses. Some are good, but some are garbage. Why should people trust that buying from you would benefit them? The best Periscope streams have been the ones where they give you tips and tricks that help you. When you go on there, don’t just chat without purpose. Make a plan about how you’re going to give value with your broadcast.

Broadcast about your particular field. If you are a virtual assistant (VA), talk about three good ways people could pick a good VA. If you are a copywriter, give advice on how business owners can make their website content sound more like them. If you’re a musician, give a little lesson on notes, chords, or scales. Give valuable tips. What questions do people ask you all the time that you could talk about on Periscope?

Another thing you have to pay attention to is the comments and questions people are posting when you scope. Don’t ignore it. If you want to finish your thoughts before answering any questions, then tell them. Just be honest and straightforward with the people viewing your live broadcasts.

People will see that you are willing to give your brand a face (yours) and answer impromptu questions in a helpful way, and they will trust you. Below is a list of things you could do or talk about on Periscope. I know that you might not feel ready to get on there but sometimes you have to start before you’re ready. If you decide to broadcast, I would love to know about it. Go to Periscope, follow me (@laureenoliphant), and send me an invite to see your broadcast. I am here to help and support you!


Things to do on Periscope:



Prelaunch Q&A

Behind the scenes


Share news (about life or business, it’s up to you)


Share personal experiences (but remember to have them relate to your business most of the time if not all).

Talk about your Opt-in Offer.
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