As a marketer, I understand the importance of market research. It’s important to find out what your ideal clients need and want.

But there’s something that I see many entrepreneurs do wrong after doing their market research.

They don’t listen.

I too have done this before. I ask all the right questions, the customers tell me what they want, and then I proceed to not give it to them. And many entrepreneurs have done the same thing.

Why would someone who want their business to succeed let that happen?

It’s because they start to think that they can give their customers more or better than what they asked for.

And then they wonder why their clients are unhappy with their services or products. “Why can’t I get more clients?” they wonder.

I came across this video by a sketch comedy group called Studio C. I think it beautifully (and yes, comically) shows exactly what happens when there is a break in communication between what the client wants and what you end up giving them.

After watching the video, in the comments below, tell us how you makes sure to give your customers what they ask for.