Take your business and life to the next level in my 3 month program without sacrificing time with the people you love or your personal health!

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Do you feel stuck, trapped, and completely burned out?

Do you desire to have a thriving business without giving up your health and relationships?

If you’re anything like me, your schedule is not always your own. Your kids’ moods, school, activities, and schedules often determine your day—and your time is a precious commodity.

And when you add a business into the mix?

How fast can you say overwhelm? Am I right?

With The Balanced & Savvy Entrepreneur, my 3 month program, I’ll share my money making strategies that help you focus on what is most important so you can stop time-wasting activities and focus on actions that yield results.

We sometimes feel like we need to choose between having a life and making our businesses a success. But that is not true.

What you’ll get from the program:

  • Pre-program: A 90 minute deep dive with me within the first two weeks of you signing up for the program
    • We will create a blueprint of your goals and challenges for the next 12 months (get clear on what you want to accomplish).
    • We will laser focus on your current work and life flow.
    • We will create a marketing plan that will get you what you want.
    • We will clarify your vision of what a business & life of abundance looks like to you.
  • One 60 minute session once a week.
    • We will create the workflow that works best for you.
    • I’ll give you or help you find the tools you need to create your ideal schedule and help you be productive.
    • Business strategies to help you reach your business goals.
    • We will craft your product or offer that makes it easy for your ideal client to say yes.
    • Help you create result driven action plans in order to help you have the business and lifestyle you crave.
    • Launch your program.
    • Find and form the right team for your business.
    • Help you build or rebuild foundations to create a profitable business.
    • Help you become more visible online.
    • Mindset practices to help you feel aligned, balanced, and well taken cared of.
  • Unlimited e-mail support from me in between sessions.
    • Let’s face it, sometimes it’s after the sessions that you come up with the powerful questions.
  • 30 min follow up call to help you stay accountable and to ensure you are getting the results you desire.
  •  Results I have helped my clients gain:
    • Knowing EXACTLY what they needed to do to create the income they desired.
    • Designing a killer marketing strategy
    • More money in their businesses
    • Generating and packaging their services in a way that attracts their ideal clients
    • More space for social activities (necessary for a balanced life)
    • Freedom (they have more time than they’ve ever had or ever realized that they had and they have room in their schedule to do more fun things).

Book a discovery call so that we can talk about the investment & explore working together.



VIP Days are are private one-on-one coaching/consulting with me that I can deliver live or virtually (on Skype). You get personalized, focused coaching, training, and time with me.

It’s a one day concentrated experience where we focus on one particular issue you want to resolve. It’s approximately 6 hours.

They are custom designed to meet your needs. It’s perfect to kickstart you into significant action and are LIFE CHANGING.

The impact of the VIP DAYS are immediate and permanent.

Imagine what can happen with your challenges and what breakthroughs can be delivered.


I have two types I have available right now (I do change them):


grab-your-vip-dayUplevel Your Marketing: Reach your ideal clients and increase your income.


In this type of VIP day we creating a marketing plan.


Marketing involves more than just deciding you’re going to post a couple things on Facebook. Or run a couple of ads. It’s sooo much more. And having owned a marketing agency, I know what I’m talking about.


Gain the momentum you need to take the inspired actions steps that will transform your business.


We will identify your best assets and connect them to the needs of your ideal client.


I will help you create effective marketing systems and strategies to save you time.


We will discuss how to get the clients you need and make the sales.


You will walk away with a customized, focused, executable plan.


It can QUICKLY bring results into your marketing.


mastering-your-time1Mastering Your Time: Create your vibrant life

You feel like a failure because you are not where you want to be. And want to create the life you’ve always dreamed off.

You are frustrated with your progress and feel guilty that you’re not getting more done.

You are overwhelmed with all the responsibilities you have.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 12 months?

  • Dreams
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Travel
  • Self-care

Waiting until New Year’s to make plans and goals is too late. Start now to have the year you want and need!


In this type of VIP day we do a deep dive immersion into your dreams (gaining clarity into exactly WHAT YOU WANT is one of the biggest challenge I’ve seen people have in their lives). Without this clarity, you will find that your 2017 will not be any better than your 2016 was.


We get clear on your goals and how to set up your schedule so that it alignes with what you want to accomplish.

We work on you creating your IDEAL lifestyle in a way that does not stress you out.


If you’re tired of a mediocre life but you’re not sure how to move past it, and if you know in your heart that there’s more to life – more creativity, energy, joy, abundance + connection (but aren’t sure how to find it), this is perfect for you.


Gain the momentum you need to take the inspired action steps that will transform your life.

Half  & Full VIP DAYS available.

Schedule your time to chat with me.


What people have said:

“She is Amazing to work with and has come up with so many brilliant ideas to help me throughout my business journey.” Mika Lawson, Bargain Travel Hunter

“I love the tidbits of advice & positive ideas I’ve gotten from her! ” Stacy Garrett, Three Winks Photography

“Today was really productive. Thank you so much! You are over, over qualified for what you are doing. You’ve given me some good directions to be more successful.” Rene, Stamp Gaphx