Frustrated because you’re not sure if you are reaching clients on Facebook or wasting your time?


I remember feeling like giving up when I first started using Facebook to grow one of my earlier businesses..

I thought I was doing everything I could and did not understand why I was not seeing the results I wanted. I felt like I was on Facebook ALL THE TIME.


And then one day, I decided to try a few things…and the results were far better than I hoped. Hundreds of new followers a dayclients coming TO ME to ask about my products and services. And more money in my bank account.


Social media marketing has quickly become one of the most powerful strategies to attract traffic, engage audiences, and drive sales.


With over 1 billion daily active users, Facebook is too big to ignore.


What this means is that with the new changes made by Facebook, businesses need a new social media strategy.


There are actually TONS of ways to build organic engagements, ravings fans, followers and ultimately loyal customers for your business!


In this Facebook marketing training, I will show you the exact steps you need to take now to get more engagements, eyes on your posts, and SALES…NO paid ads required!


Imagine what your life and business would look like if you were able to get more engagement and more clients.


In this mini course I will show you how to:


  • Strategically get in front of YOUR ideal clients


  • Be the top post on YOUR ideal clients’ newsfeed
  • Increase the value of your Facebook business page
  • Grow your business and sell more of you product/services
  • Write FB posts that ignite high-level engagement and increase “likes”
  • Establish a valuable Facebook group
  • Find the BEST groups for your business or niche (Read: less distraction, more productive connection!)
  • Share your services in groups, without the SPAM factor


These are the exact Facebook marketing strategies I have used to help my clients:

  • Get 6 new clients in ONE WEEK
  • Sell out their products within 2 WEEKS
  • Get booked two months in advanced
  • Get their photos featured
  • Get a spot on a major TV network
  • Appear in front of their ideal customers (top of News Feed)
  • And increase their income (UP TO SIX FIGURES)!


This course is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve been in business for one to three years
  • You are new to the online business space
  • Willing to learn and not have a can’t do attitude
  • Confused about what to do and how to get started generating leads on Facebook.
  • Don’t want to spend all day on social media.


Here is what’s included in the course:

  • How to build your brand on Facebook.
  • How to start and grow your business page or group[
  • How to get more people reading your posts & watching your Facebook Live videos.
  • What Facebook groups are, how to find the best ones for you, and how to get the most out of them.
  • How to establish yourself as an expert
  • You will be added to the course Facebook group, where all the the trainings are located.
  • You will have access to the group for a month. (You can download files you desire so that you can use them once your month membership is over).
  • I will be active in the group for the whole month you are there, answering your questions and giving feedback.


If you’re ready to ignite your business on Facebook, I can help you when you click the “buy now” button.

For Only $47


What people have said about the course:

“Laureen put on a great [training] with lots of useful information. She really knows her stuff! I really appreciated that she responded to comments & made sure we were involved. I picked up lots of valuable tips that I can’t wait to implement on my Facebook page! Thanks Laureen!”  Stacy, Three Winks Studio

“I thoroughly enjoyed Laureen’s Facebook marketing [training]. She helped me see small tweaks I could do to make my business page stand out and become more relevant to what my potential clients are looking for. She gave me great suggestions for improving the content I am posting and how to get more “Likes” and “Shares”so that I can grow my page and grow my business. Thanks Laureen!”   Fonda, Realty One Group Signature


What people have said about working with Laureen:

“She is Amazing to work with and has come up with so many brilliant ideas to help me throughout my business journey.” Mika Lawson, Bargain Travel Hunter

“Today was really productive. Thank you so much! You are over, over qualified for what you are doing. You’ve given me some good directions to be more successful.” Rene, Deluxe 360 Design