It’s Your Business So Take Control of It!


You’ve been there…

You struggle with feeling overworked and underpaid in your business. You feel like you’re working every single spare minute but not seeing the monetary results.

You’re more than overwhelmed. You are drowning in an ocean of stress, failure and guilt.

My name is Laureen and I help entrepreneurs just like you.

I’m a consultant who help business women develop a marketing strategy for their business that leverages their strengths and brings in a consistent income without sacrificing time with the people they love and their health.






When you talk with Laureen, you will instantly feel comfortable. It just feels like you’re talking with an old friend. You will instantly click with her. Laureen was just so warm asking questions that other people will not ask. She brought my awareness to things others have not brought my awareness to. And she’s practical. I love her practicality! And she’s so generous by giving resources, tools, and tips to get you set up.


Laureen is Amazing to work with and has come up with so many brilliant ideas to help me through out my business journey.
–Mika Lawson, Bargain Travel Hunter

Laureen is over, over qualified for what she is doing. She’s given me some good directions to be more successful.
                                                                                                            –Rene, Stamp Gaphx

Working with Laureen is a pleasure.  She is super positive and upbeat.  She is like your own personal cheerleader, helping you search what is most important to you, in your life.  It’s nice to know that you’re not alone with your goal setting.  She is good at having you build up your self-confidence and realize what it takes to motivate yourself. She is a high-achiever and wants the same for people that she works with.
                                                                                                           –Deanne Sorensen